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How We Aim To Help Patients

We aim to accelerate the clinical translation of personalized regenerative stem cell production and specialization so that clinicians can bring stem cell treatments to patients, worldwide. Our initial focus is on the development of autologous grafts for comprehensive repair of severe spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries. Our aim is to help millions of quadriplegics and paraplegics recover their abilities to touch and feel, to embrace, to walk, and to recover their quality of life and willingness to live. 

Neurosurgeons, physicians, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers need not be reminded how devastating for a patient a severe spinal cord injury is, nor what conviction is required in the long-term caring for a quadriplegic patient. Our ability to produce autoregenic cells opens up an experimental treatment for C1-5 quadriplegia using ethically produced (via iSCNT), patient-specific pre-neural stem cells with which to re-originate sections of cauterized spinal cords. With the support of researchers and clinical collaborators, we will soon be able to offer training in the application of autoregenic cells to neurosurgeons and specialist clinicians so they may offer their quadriplegic patients an experimental spinal cord regeneration procedure. Regulations permitting, we are eager to partner with the world’s most skilled and progressive neurosurgeons to accelerate the clinical translation of this innovation.

How We Aim to Help
Health Workers, Hospitals, Institutions and Medical Facilities

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How We Aim To Help         Stem Cell Donor Networks

Our stem cell manufacturing methodology utilizes either small skin biopsies or mesenchymal stem cells as the vehicle for donation of essential DNA. While current blood donation methods struggle with the logistics of recruiting and harvesting blood from patient-matched donors, our process requires only a single donation of a biopsy to result in a permanent, self-renewing sample of naive pluripotent stem cells. From these pluripotent stem cells, we can rapidly produce practically unlimited supplies of re-birthed stem cells for any number of patients. We seek to work with progressive partners to accelerate the clinical translation of our innovation for the betterment of humankind.

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