We're developing a regenerative cell production platform to support the development of regenerative cell therapies for severe spinal cord damage.

About Us

AutoRegenic is a precision biomedicine manufacturing company that is productizing and commercializing a tissue regenerative treatment for severe spinal cord injury (SCI), specifically complete quadriplegia and paraplegia.


SCI creates over 67,000 complete quadriplegics per year, joining the over 1.2 million existing victims whose lifetime healthcare care costs range from USD1.5 million to USD5 million.


The AutoRegenic Spinal Cord Autograft (ASCA) biomedicine is a product of in-vitro manufacturing of an autologous regenerative spinal cord segment for spinal implantation. The manufacturing protocol is the outcome of advanced tissue engineering techniques, materials and procedures encompassing well established cell isolation, expansion and induction methodologies executed in a highly formulated, practiced and precise manner.


The result of 24 cumulative years of multidisciplinary applied R&D, ASCA therapy is an invasive and comprehensive neurosurgical intervention that promises to offer broadly versatile clinical utility, currently proving itself to be effective in restoring sensory and motor functionality in experimental treatments of five human paraplegics and quadriplegics patients to date.


AutoRegenic has secured the IP to productize and commercialize this urgently needed biomedical therapy for SCI victims, worldwide. 


Our team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs from the biomedical, pharmaceutical, donor registry, technology, regulatory and marketing fields, supported by a world-class scientific advisory board, including international experts in the field of regenerative medicine and transplantation, and uniquely skilled laboratory technicians.


We are busy productizing an unique set of laboratory techniques, processes, materials, and international logistics for producing naive pluripotent stem cells that promise to become a safe, effective, ethically balanced and affordable innovation of neuronal and blood stem cell sourcing and transplants on a patient-specific basis.


Following years of unique insights into regenerative therapies, the leadership team has defined a path for translating proven applied R&D and commercializing biomedicines and has assembled a set luminary supporters and advisory spanning the scientific and medical academic, as well as clinical practice, fields.